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Godliness is Next to Filthiness

Thu, Nov 13 2014 11:09pm
Type: Beauty Review


Natural soaps, handmade in Hawaii

filthy farm girl, natural handmade vegan soap, big island hawaii, galactic ginger, filthy cowboy delicate dude, filthy yogi, filthy mermaid, filthy squirrel nutty almond, filthy fairy

They’re usually vegan-friendly, except for flavors like Goat’s Milk Chai of course. In fact, they grow and harvest many of their ingredients themselves, which is totally sexy.

filthy farm girl, natural handmade vegan soap, big island hawaii, label, ingredients, filthy squirrel nutty almond, filthy yogi, galactic ginger

Speaking of sexy, they have some pretty naughty soap names including Filthy Secretary, Filthy Cowboy (mmhm), Filthy Ass… :p Filthy Ass smells REAL GOOD. Honestly, it’s pleasant. There’s worse flavors, and by worse I mean better, badder, FILTHIER. Ones for ladies, ones for men, even ones for your pooch—which are tested on their own pets.

My favorite so far is Sassy Honey Oatmeal—not so dirty-sounding, but wow, :hug: I totally fantasize this being an ice cream bar, looking as creamy as it does and smelling as irresistible as it is.

filthy farm girl, natural handmade vegan soap, big island hawaii, sassy honey oatmeal, soft skin

I was surprised that it made my skin SO silky soft and I use it on my face with no problem. I, myself, am feeling like an ice cream bar. :walrus: Danny says my skin looks lighter :^) but I never really notice that sort of thing, so who knows. My hand looks so orange here, what the heck…

I got Filthy Lumberjack ‘Mountain Man’ for him :) because he loves the smell of Tantalus. This soap smells like we’re really there (oOoOOoh), but it isn’t as strong as Honey Oatmeal. After getting out of the shower the smells are pretty faint for both, but that always beats weird artificial smells sticking profusely on you. YUCK!

filthy farm girl, natural handmade vegan soap, big island hawaii, lip balm, filthy squirrel nutty almond, filthy monkey banana, filthy tiger chai

They’ve also got these cute little lip balms! :'( My lips are really sensitive to chemicals but I’ve got no problems with these. :no: I usually don’t like banana-scented things AT ALL. NO WAY. JOSÉ. ?_? But I actually love this.

They offer FREE SHIPPING :friends: to anywhere in the U.S.
Lip balms are $4, Small bars (3oz) are $3, Large bars (7oz) are $8.


  • 100% natural and handmade
  • Supports local farmers
  • No animal body parts
  • Not tested on animals
  • Organic when possible
  • Soft baby-ass skin results
  • Lots of entertaining varieties

  • Smells don’t linger T^T
  • Pricey (but worth it)



P.S. There’s a few places in Hawaii where you can get them cheaper,
like the Devi store @ 926 Maunakea Street with large bars for $7 each.

To see what other flavors they’ve got, here’s their soap list.
And for information on their soaps, here’s their info page.

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Good Morning Succulents

Wed, Oct 29 2014 11:35pm
Type: Garden


succulents, shells, furry, fuzzy, kalanchoe tomentosa, panda plant, sedum japonica, gold dots

I know nobody really cares about my plants but I don’t mind because it’s sooo relaxing to wake up on my days off to see my babies in the morning.

These Graptopetalum paraguayense grew a lot! A couple months ago, I used them in my post about propagation. Their roots were reaching out of the soil surface like little fingers in their last pot. :3 They still do that.

succulents, graptopetalum paraguayense, ghost plant, echeveria topsy turvy
succulents, burro's tail, sedum morganianum, echeveria topsy turvy
succulents, furry, fuzzy, kalanchoe tomentosa, chocolate soldier, graptopetalum paraguayense, ghost plant

Below, from left to right (aside from the cactus): an offshoot taken from a G. paraguayense, a plantlet grown from leaf propagation of the same plant, and the last remaining leaf of a dying plant I bought from Lowe’s.

succulents, graptopetalum paraguayense, ghost plant, echeveria black prince, leaf cutting propagation, cactus

It took about two and a half months before that leaf cutting on the right would sprout anything. ?_? Judging by its slow growth and green plantlet, I think it’s probably an Echeveria ‘Black Prince’.

This one took just about two months:

succulents, leaf cutting propagation, plantlet

And this was the same leaf a month ago:

succulents, leaf cutting propagation, plantlet

:hug: I guess leaf propagation takes a while for some. I still have some rooted leaves of Echeveria elegans with zero new growth, but other species grow faster than others.

The long finger-like cactus below is a Stapelia gigantea, or Zulu Giant. It blooms huge, beautiful corpse flowers and I’m so glad I found these growing on the side of the road. :) They were very limp when I collected them but now they’re growing strong and upright! :friends:

succulents, stapelia gigantea, zulu giant, cactus, graptopetalum paraguayense, ghost plant, large pale purple echeveria

I still don’t know what the plant is on the right. Judging by its last flowers, it’s definitely an Echeveria—maybe a hybrid. It’s been a little over a month and it’s grown wider and already has new offshoots. :walrus:

succulents, large pale purple echeveria, offshoot

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Magical Witch Chef Game

Sat, Oct 04 2014 4:28am
Type: Games


I was looking for Halloween-themed games to pass by some time—a lot of them sucked. :table: But then I found THE CUTEST game in the app store, . ~ * + ★ Chef de Bubble!

(You can tell I’ve been embarrassingly bored.)

You play an aspiring magical chef named Ceylon in a little snow-globe in which you build your little restaurant kingdom. She seems sort of pathetic but really adorable anyways, :cutoff: like a sad puppy sort of thing.

The food items are cool, but I mainly like decorating my globe. There’s farm houses, castles, and all kinds of fantastical items. You can change the globe design and the background, and there’s also different twinkly music box tunes.

I’m too lame and poor to get any of that fancy stuff yet. :ugh: These free games always have really expensive premium credits, but you can definitely earn and save up those credits in time. Uh… yeah, totally.

You’ll have your own little profile, and you can also post on the bulletin and add friends to work part-time jobs in their globes.

If you want to be bubble buddies, my nickname is Rotkappchen (German for ‘Little Red Riding Hood’)!


And since my globe is dead and bland ?_? (so poor), I’ll end this with a nice one owned by Lolitadoll! :friends:

Bubble de Chef is available on both iPhone (+) and Android (+).


Moss For My Birthday

Wed, Oct 01 2014 1:54pm
Type: Māyā, Garden


Monday (Sept 29) was my 21st birthday!

My childhood friend Teil put together a present that was so perfect: some more Darjeeling tea from India, another cute trinket box, a packet of craft moss, and…

India, tea, trinket jewelry box, craft moss, rabbit moss pendant
rabbit moss pendant, echeveria

EVER :ultracry: which she made herself. :'(

My brother William also sent some live moss from Zurich, Switzerland!

Well, it’s pretty alive… :hug: I once told him that mixing moss with old beer would give it some nutrients to grow, so he thought he’d straight-up water it with beer. :^)

Haha, I’m not sure if that’s exactly the way to do it but… :no: hahaha, I love my brother.


I’m so happy

to have ended up

with these people.