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Little Propagation Horde

Mon, Sep 01 2014 4:41pm
Type: Garden


how to propagate succulents, stem cutting, propagation, roots

Everything I’ve read on the Internet about propagating succulents were all contradicting, so it took me a while to, you know… feel it.

how to propagate succulents, container, pot, stem cutting, propagation


I had these healing on a shady table in my room for four days. That little leaf had already grown a pretty impressive root after the first night. ?_? (no water, no soil, barely any light! COOL!

The first picture in this post was taken three days after potting them up. I’m super excited for these roots! :p


Stem cuttings are much easier than leaf cuttings because they have more backup support. You have to be a little more careful with leaf cuttings, but they’re ULTRA cute so don’t give up.

I was sad to see A LOT of my leaf cuttings crumple up and die over the past couple months, :ultracry: but then I read that it’s TOTALLY NORMAL which is why you should have THE LOAD of leaves. From my own experience, it seemed that the ones placed with their end pointing towards the soil—either laying down or propped up—grew roots faster. Naturally, they would be shaded by the parent plant so give them a little shade.

how to propagate succulents, kalanchoe tomentosa, panda plant, furry, fuzzy, stem leaf cutting, propagation, root

My furry Panda Plant is starting to root nicely after I placed the pieces upright into the soil. This plant is SEMI-TROPICAL so it likes a little more water than desert succulents. It was a rotting discount purchase and I had to cut off one of the large leaves as well as the ENTIRE STEM. T^T It’s all lookin’ good now though.

Well anyways, that’s just a couple things that’s what’s up on my patio right now besides cats. I’ll post pictures of leaf propagation later.

. ~*+ :bday: +*~ .



Overwatering is your baby’s demise so drainage is KEY. Mixing perlite with soil (1:1 ratio) creates wonderful drainage and aeration. That rock layer at the bottom is a dumb trend that actually makes things worse. Succulents aren’t for terrariums so make sure that pot you’re using got some holes.


Larger leaf cuttings have a greater chance. With stem cuttings, take off a good amount of bottom leaves so it can direct more energy to growing roots without having to carry too much on its back. I have more success with more stem. Before putting it into the soil, make sure the cut callouses over by letting it dry for a couple days or more. This prevents rot. You can also dip it in cinnamon, which acts as a rooting hormone because it’s anti-fungal.


Keep in bright but indirect light. Cuttings need more water than established plants, and leaf cuttings need more water than stem cuttings because they have less support. If they’re wrinkly it means they need water. Slowly water less after roots form. The less you water your succulents, the stronger they will be against drought! If they grow with a stretched-out look, gradually give it more sun.

In the end, just feel out whatever works for you.

Anyways, here’s a picture of my mehendi from Teil’s wedding:
henna, mehendi, india, vedic wedding, bridal
(Background image from here.)


Places He Takes Me

Fri, Jun 13 2014 2:15am
Type: Visuals


Taken with the Superheadz Slim Devil
(400 iso), a Vivitar Ultra Wide remake.

superheadz slim devil, vivitar ultra wide, 400 iso, lomo camera film lomography photography, hawaii, diamond head ocean
superheadz slim devil, vivitar ultra wide, 400 iso, lomo camera film lomography photography, hawaii, manoa, lyon arboretum
superheadz slim devil, vivitar ultra wide, 400 iso, lomo camera film lomography photography, hawaii, tantalus
superheadz slim devil, vivitar ultra wide, 400 iso, lomo camera film lomography photography, hawaii, tantalus, tree sap
superheadz slim devil, vivitar ultra wide, 400 iso, lomo camera film lomography photography, hawaii, diamond head ocean


Birth of the Sticker Hoard

Fri, May 30 2014 5:47am
Type: Pixel, Stationary



I “accidentally fell” into a cute store and OH LOOK! STICKERS! I haven’t been in Sanrio in forever nor did I know they sold other things rather than their own merch.

It’s so nice to see Q-lia and Crux again! I remember when all the pixel site girls would collect cutie stationary scans and :friends: we’d all share and pixel them together. Most pixel sites are dead now due to several reasons (i.e. :ugh: dumb Tumblr users redistributing pixel art :kick: despite our copyrights.) Buh-bye pixel-maker sites. T^T

GOING BACK TO LE SUJET… My first Stickopotamus album was FILLED but I lost it when I was a lil’ bebe. :ultracry: But it’s all great now because I have this (below)! It’s the Q-lia Bear’s Little Sweets sticker book:

kawaii japan stickers, qlia album book

It’s a little bigger than my palm and I’ll probably have to buy a second one because this’ll sadly overflow. That’s O-K! COLLECT THEM ALL!~ It was about $13 and I knew I could probably find it cheaper online — Hawaii prices are deadly — but muuuuuust haaaaaaaaave now.

kawaii japan stickers, crux panda paradise, puff puffy

Okay, I didn’t get too nuts in that shop (not too nuts…) because I obviously only bought one sticker sheet. Sanity levels are still purdy good! Behold, Crux Panda Paradise stickers ↑ ↓ ← →!

kawaii japan stickers, crux panda paradise, puff puffy

I especially love the long noodle pandas and the ones that say “eat”.

kawaii japan stickers, crux panda paradise, puff puffy
kawaii japan stickers, crux panda paradise, puff puffy

Crux has always been my favorite.

Danny said he looked into the store and saw a little girl scrambling around in ecstasy (…me), hahaha. :table: Whatever, men don’t understand. :cutoff: I can’t wait to have infinite sticker minions!

♡ ★ ♡ ★ ♡ ★ ♡ ★ ♡ ★ ♡ ★

And speaking of pixels… I’M MAKING PIXEL GIFTS for some fave blogs and for those who left frequent comments because I know ya’ like gifts.

I’m totally rusty, bleh.

I haven’t decided if I wanted to do this every month or every season. I’d like to do it every month but I don’t even post that much anyways! Haha, we’ll see. I may just make random ones along the way.


Bye Circle Lens Virginity

Thu, May 22 2014 3:39am
Type: Human, Circle Lens


Thanks to the very lovely Tofudachi duo: a few weeks ago, I got a pair of circle lens by GEO Medical from Loveshoppingholics! :friends:

GEO Xtra 3-tone: Brown ♡
Diameter: 15mm ♡ Base curve: 8.7mm
Water content: 38% ♡ Lifetime: One year

It was EXTREMELY cutely packaged and came within two weeks, along
with a little card and animal lens case. Such an adorable surprise~

loveshoppingholics, geo xtra 3-tone brown circle contact lens

By the way, these are my first lens ever. :)

I’m totally late on this, and I know… they’re apparently dangerous and I’m stupid enough to possibly blind myself but eye patches are cool and so are service pups. :walrus: And who cares about driving! Ride horses! Or pigs. They’re intuitive. I’m mostly joking …maybe. But for real, safety first.

It took me maybe six to eight times to get them in, but ta-da:

loveshoppingholics, geo xtra 3-tone brown circle contact lens, dark brown eyes, black eyes, first time


How lens felt for the first time: Slightly blurry, sort of feels like there’s something on my eyes, blinking A LOT. But eventually, all those feelings disappeared and it felt like nothing. COOL.

But — hahahha — you know, what I was really scared of was the lens getting stuck in my eyes or some other nightmarish accident. :( WHO KNOWS… and then it happened, MWAHAHAHHA. Life was over.

After I finished freaking out, I figured out how to pinch them out: it’s not like trying to pick strawberries, :no: but it’s more like creating little pincers by pressing your fingers together. ?_? WHO KNEW. NOT ME.

It takes a few times so don’t freak out (and take breaks) if you’re failing to get them out for the first time too! :table:

♡ Anyways, for review purposes… ♡

loveshoppingholics, geo xtra 3-tone brown circle contact lens, dark brown eyes, black eyes, first time, flash

Comfort (5/5) As a first-timer, I was surprised by how comfortable they were! I’m still getting acclimated to wearing contacts though and I don’t know what else to compare them to, but they really do feel like nothing’s there.

Color/Design (4.5/5) On my blackish eyes, it looks more gray/green in person. Danny and his mom think I should have gotten a lighter/brighter color… but the design and color are so natural-like and amazing! This ain’t no brown but I do still like this gray/green.

Enlargement (5/5) I didn’t actually care at all for BIG when choosing but the noob that I am didn’t realize that 15mm is big. I ended up liking the size though because the design camouflages it, and baby eyes = oui.

loveshoppingholics, geo xtra 3-tone brown circle contact lens, dark brown eyes, black eyes, first time

Overall 4.8/5
(But as gray/green lens, they’re a 5/5)

Visit Loveshoppingholics for eyeball cuteness,
and also visit the cuties at Tofudachi too!